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For this Tutorial you will need:

Paintshop Pro-- I'm using 8 in the example but have tried this in 7 as well.

the 2 masks used in the tutorial Tattertorn and Corners Corners and save in your Masks folder in PSP

a Tube of your Choice, you can download the one I opted to use here (this tube was not made by me, and I'm not sure who originally did it) open it but minimize it in PSP for now


Start with a new Image. 400X400 Pixels, with a transparent background. I use 400X400 for almost everything, and then resize it when I'm done.

Using your Dropper tool, pick a color from your tube and flood fill your image with it. then go to Layers> Load/Save Mask > Load mask from Disk

Scroll through your masks Until you find the mask titled "TatterTorn" and then load it as seen below:

Go to your Layer's palette, and click on the Mask Layer, then go to Delete and Delete it, it will ask if you want to merge it to the next layer, click us.

Now, your going to go to Effects> 3D Effects> Drop Shadow, and apply these settings:

Now go to Effects>Texture Effects> Texture, and apply these settings.

I do it twice because I like the bumper look..  its a matter of personal preference, here you can play some and find the look you like the most. you don't have to use my settings.

Lastly on this layer, go to your Effects>3d Effects> Drop Shadow, your going to use almost the exactly same settings, only difference this time is set your horizontal and vertical to -1

Okay so.. now you have this tattered torn piece of "Paper" lets go to the next step, Create a new Raster layer, Flood fill it with a complimentary color from your tube, and then just like before, go to Layers> Load/Save Mask > Load mask from Disk but this time your going to load the Corners Corner mask.

the only difference this time is either A: you need to click off the little Invert Transparency option on the mask screen, or B: your going to need to go and invert the mask once you have it loaded.

again, Delete your mask like we did before, and again add your drop shadow with the same settings we used earlier.

Layers> Merge> Visible.

Image>Resize I picked 85% but here you can decide on your size for your tag, some like bigger some like smaller.

next maximize your Tube or PSP file your going to use, Resize it to fit your image. I resized mine 85%

Edit> copy, Close your tube, Go to your Image. Edit>Paste> New Layer

Resize again if you need to, play with the tube till you get it how you want to look this is NEVER an exact science for me. LOL

Lastly, this is up to you, Add your Text if you want or sparkles, add a background to it if you don't want a plan white background. then your going to do Layers>Merge>All

File>Save As> Give it a file name.

your done. if you have problems or questions email me at